A professional, experienced and well-qualified real estate agent or broker can guide you through the rather complex and often confusing maze that collectively makes up the home-buying process.
What Are The Benefits of Using A Real Estate Agent?
Because you may be new to the home-buying process, the following list will give you some idea as to the responsibilities that your real estate professional should take on your behalf.
1. Educate you through the entire home-buying process
2. Help you understand all of the paperwork
3. Handle any problems which might arise during the entire transaction
4. Properly prepare any forms, contracts and disclosures that are required and see that those items are
legally correct
5. Provide comparable sales data to help assure that you are paying the proper price for the home
6. Help you find the right home in the right neighborhood
7. Screen homes before your showing to make sure the property meets your needs
8. Guide you with regard to repairs that should be made
9. Show homes to you in an effective and professional manner
10. Negotiate all facets of the transaction in your best interest
11. Guide you in your selection of competent escrow/closing and title people
12. Oversee the entire closing process
13. See that the completion of the transaction is smooth right through to things such as obtaining the keys
and possession of the property
14. See that all required disclosures are made
15. Help you to spot Sellers who are attempting to take advantage of you
16. Help you to understand the use and limitations of escrow deposits
17. Advise you as to when you should seek the advice of an attorney
18. Make sure that the appraisal process is handled properly
19. Help you to understand the complete loan, escrow/closing and title process
20. Advise you on any books or publications that you should read before, during and after the transaction has closed
21. Help you to negotiate the best price available for all costs and fees related to the transaction
22. Advise you as to how homes should be prepared to show and sell
23. Advise you as to any inspections such as septic, well or soil, which might be applicable to the specific property in which you are interested
24. Help you recover any overages which are paid during the closing process
25. Properly handle the walk-through process with you prior to closing
26. See that any repairs or requirements are met prior to closing
27. Advise you as to any contractual changes which might be necessary prior to closing
28. Advise you as to what course of action should be taken if the seller refuses to close the transaction
29. Negotiate and deal effectively in your behalf with the seller, other agents, escrow/closing, title people
and attorneys
30. See that each and every facet of the buying process is effectively and professionally handled in your
best interest