About The Office

We have 20+ years of experience in property management in Ohio and Arizona. We are a full service real estate brokerage in Glendale Arizona. We specialize in Glendale AZ property management

As rental property owners ourselves we were not happy with the the exorbitant fees that other property management companies were charging. All of the additional costs to the owner on top of the “advertised” fees were costing owners much more usually double or more than the advertised costs. We didn’t feel this was a fair and honest way to do business.

At Top Property Shop we pride ourselves on understanding our customers needs.

We came up with a fee structure that is very simple, there are no additional fees that drive up the price. We include services where others charge additional fees. When comparing the total costs to owner and including the total fees we are the cheapest hands down.

Fees mean nothing if you are not getting the service you expect. Since we have experience in owning rentals, we know first hand what is considered a fair fee structure and what kind of service to expect. We have built our business around service. We utilize technology to help us keep our costs down and pass that on to our clients.

Many of our clients have come to us from the “bargain basement” property management companies because they found that their costs were much higher than advertised and they were not getting the service they wanted. We have many long term and satisfied clients. Please check out our reviews.

If you want hassle free property management for your rental then you want us. We have some of the lowest fees in the industry and no miscellaneous hidden charges, just great service. Residential property Management Company