Glendale Property Management

I would like to introduce TOP Property Shop, a Glendale property management company.  Our motto is, “We make being a landlord easy again”. My name is Mike Carsey, I am the broker & co-owner.

We are the fastest growing property management company in the valley. My business partner and I have 25 years in the business of property management. We started out buying rentals in Ohio and we were unhappy with the property management services available to us. We took what we liked and didn’t like and created the property management division in TOP Property Shop. We feel it is important for us to be landlords first then managers.

Some things we learned are that you want to provide a nice property so you can demand the highest rent for that home in that neighborhood. If you provide the right home at the upper end of the rent you also can get more interested residents to pick from. You want to treat the residents with respect as you would want to be treated and keep the good ones as long as possible while maintaining the highest rent possible. OCCUPANCY is the key to making profits in the rental business. This goes back to finding good residents, keeping them in as long as possible, getting the most rent you can in your market, and turning them over as quickly as possible.

We feel property management is in the service industry. We service our owners and the resident to the best of our ability. After all it doesn’t really matter how good of a “deal” you’re getting. If you aren’t getting the service you want, it isn’t a good deal for you. We built our company on service first at a fair price. We keep communication open with our owners. Our owners have their own portal they can go to anytime to see the day to day happenings on their property.

We advertise rigorously when your property is vacant and we screen all potential residents. We believe that a good property management company should be able to advise the owner of any changes, improvements or upgrades that can be done that would help demand the highest possible rent and therefore assist in getting it rented faster. We take it one step further and (if you wish) can assist you in getting the repairs or upgrades done, using our network of contractors and vendors, always keeping the bottom line in mind. We have managed complete remodels for some of our owners while saving them time and money. We saved one owner over $12000.00 on their project.

Our fee structure is very simple and easy to understand with no nonsense fees. We charge 9.5% of rent for property management, plus $450 to find a new tenant if you need one, The only other fee to you is a $100 lease renewal fee that we charge to signing an existing resident to a new lease. it’s a good idea to keep a resident on a current enforceable lease. To verify our residents we run 7 reports:

Evictions. (Local & National)
Rental History
Public Report

We do inspections on your property at move-in 6 month mark and 11 months. and move out inspection. We have an online portal for the tenants to use so if they want, they can make rent payments via direct deposit. They can also put in a request for maintenance. Through the owner portal, the owner can view maintenance request.

We include many more features in our services but we don’t want to take up any more of your time. Please contact us for further information and let us help you. Glendale Property Management.

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