We can help you sell your property faster. You ask how we can do that? We have a pool of investors with our property management division. More then not one of our investors will purchase it before iy even hits the market. This helps you with not having a bunch of people walking thru your home for showings. Also the investor will close on your time frame.

TPS Complete Home Marketing Plan

Property Enhancement

Putting your home on the market. let’s maximize the value of your home with:

  1. A written home enhancement checklist
  2. Recommendations for minor repairs and improvements yo help sell your property for the highest price possible.
  3. Access to a list of the most reliable and dependable home improvement workers in the marketplace

In-Depth Market Analysis

You’ll receive:

  1. A thorough inspection of your property location, style and condition.
  2. A written Fair Market Evaluation of your property and explanation of the optimal pricing strategy for your home.
  3. An estimate of expenses and cost to show you the net proceeds when your sale is complete.

Marketing Plan for Your Home

  1. Competitively price your home
  2. Optimize condition and viewing of the home
  3. Prepare and submit accurate information to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  4. Proactively promote property to our investors
  5. Network with the best agents in the area
  6. Create maximum exposure for the property
  7. Tap into our National Referral Network

Clear and Open Communication

  1. You’ll receive a copy of the MLS printout to review for accuracy
  2. We’ll call you weekly to report showing activity and give buyer feedback
  3. We;ll meet periodically to review market condition & adjust our marketing strategy as needed to get your home sold.

Negotiating and Structuring the Sale

Our promise to you:

  1. carefully review and present all offers for your consideration
  2. Qualify prospectve buyers and research their lending options to increase the likelihood that they can secure financing
  3. Negotiate the strongest terms to create a solid transaction that will close on time without any surprises.

Complete Transaction management

I Will:

  1. Manage all the details of your real estate transaction on a daily basis.
  2. Stay on top of all other matters to be sure your real estate transaction closes in a timely fashion and with as little stress as possible.

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