Houses for sale or rent are listed in the Multiple Listing Service by real estate agents. Unfortunately, these data are only accessed by agents and professional affiliates. MLS listing is a complete information on houses which are for sale and are accessed by real estate professionals.  The information is entered into MLS listing system by listing brokers and offers to share commission with any agent who can bring in an interested buyer. Each property listed is given a reference number. These are private listings among agents who represent sellers to disseminate the information about properties for sale with agents who represents potential buyers. Technically, buyers do not have direct access to MLS listing service but can get information on properties for sale or rent by asking their agent. A MLS property search is set up by the agent by entering the name, email address and house search preferences into MLS listing search engine. The system will automatically send updated information available to interested buyer or lessor.

MLS property search is then possible with the list which contains the MLS number. Buyer or lessor can search by MLS number reference by going into a MLS system, typing the number and the information about the property will appear. Information includes address, square feet area, vicinity, and house amenities, number of rooms and baths and pictures of the property. It may also include a link for a virtual walk into the property. The agent  help define the MLS property search by customizing the report and including some items or particulars which buyers or lessors provide such as radius within a specified distance from target address, street or subdivision, price range and others. For more information on searching by MLS number, contact a real estate agent in your area.

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