The most common pitfalls of selling your home and tips on avoiding them

topPropertyShopLogo300wThe most common pitfalls of selling your home and tips on avoiding them

Selling your home may just seem like the best option especially with the turnaround in the US real estate market. While it may be a very good idea and might seem like the best moment to sell off, there is the need to take a little breath, slow down a bit and take decisions that won’t haunt you in the future. Individuals planning to sell a house usually make some mistakes in a bid to sell off their house and get the money in as soon as possible. Here are the common pitfalls sellers face and tips on avoiding them.
   . Trying to sell your house on your own
Now, this here is one of the major common mistakes home owners wanting to sell their homes make. There is always the need to consult a realtor who helps you to advertise and sell off your house. Also, with a professional realtor by your side, the common mistakes of either underpricing or overpricing their house which home owners make would not occur. Equally, with a realtor by your side, there’s the chance of selling off your home faster. Statistics show that houses that stay longer on the market are those without any representation.
Solution: Look for a professional realtor that would manage the advertising and the whole process of selling off your house.
  . Employing the services of an incompetent realtor
While trying to sell your house on your own is bad enough, working with an incompetent realtor is worse. When you hire a realtor that is incompetent, inexperienced or only after his own profit without having your interest at heart, it is capable of sabotaging your sale just as it would be if you had sold it on your own. A realtor who is inexperienced may end up giving you wrong advice especially on pricing, carry out your sales campaign on a limited network or waste valuable time on buyers that are totally unserious.
Solution: Make sure to employ the services of a realtor who is as fit as a fiddle and very competent as well with lots of experience. Carry out background checks on them, interview series of realtors before you make a choice so as to be able to judge their capabilities.
 . Not carrying out repairs and not cleaning up
This is another mistake house owners looking to sell off their houses make. By not carrying out repairs on the house before listing it up for sale and inviting buyers on a tour of the house, you are opening up an avenue for buyers to offer you far less for the house or asking for a credit back for the work that needs to be done before close of the deal. Also cleaning and tidying up the entire house and mowing the lawns leaves the property in a state that enhances the aesthetic beauty of the house.
Solution: Tidy up the house and the entire surroundings. Call in the services of a cleaning company if you can’t do it yourself. Repaint the house if the need be.


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