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5 Criteria For Pricing Your Home

When you invest in rental properties, there’s always chance that you would want to get as much involved in its management as possible. After all, anyone would do their utmost to ensure their property returns an excellent profit long-term.

Prepping Your Pets For The Big Move

When you invest in rental properties, there’s always chance that you would want to get as much involved in its management as possible. After all, anyone would do their utmost to ensure their property returns an excellent profit long-term.

Bellair Homes For Sale

When you invest in rental properties, there’s always chance that you would want to get as much involved in its management as possible. After all, anyone would do their utmost to ensure their property returns an excellent profit long-term.

The meaning of “Broom Cleaned”

Broom clean is a real-estate term used to describe the condition in which  a renter must leave a home.

The rules for vacating a rental are quite strict: Broom clean means you should leave the place in the same condition as when you moved in, minus reasonable wear and tear. So once you’ve removed your belongings, have the carpets professional cleaned, and break out a broom, Swiffer, or other cleaning weapon of choice and go to town.

Renters Insurance

The good news is that renters insurance policies usually include coverage for the contents of your home — described in most policies as personal property coverage. This coverage typically helps protect belongings from certain risks, such as fire or theft. When considering renters insurance, the first thing to think about is how much your personal […]

Home Mortgage Shopping Must-Do’s

Home Mortgage Shopping Must-Do’s Mortgage Shopping Must-Do’s will help ease the search in securing the right house with the right mortgage loan. Mortgages are financial programs that give us the leverage of money and time to achieve in the now what would have been only possible in the future. Those who have dreams (to own […]

Sell Fast, Avoid Foreclosure

 HOW TO SELL YOUR HOUSE FAST AND AVOID FORECLOSURE Sell Fast, Avoid Foreclosure. This should be every seller’s mindset when determining whether or not to put their property on the market. Foreclosure is the legal process that retrieves the right of a mortgagee to make further redemption on his mortgage due to failure on his […]

Needs a Buyer’s Agent

Why You Need a Buyer’s Agent: Anyone that is planning to purchase a house or investment property needs a Buyer’s Agent. A great percentage of people, both property investors, and buyers alike believe that the best people to go to when in a search for a property is the listing agents. Unfortunately, this is not […]

Selling Home Questions

  QUESTIONS TO ASK WHEN SELLING A HOME Selling Home Questions can be answered by talking to a Real Estate Professional. As a home seller, you may not know all the tricks of the trade when arranging to put your house on the market, not even when you have successfully put up a couple of […]

MLS Benefits

MLS AND ITS BENEFITS TO HOME BUYERS MLS is the acronym for a real estate body called Multiple Listing Service. It is a marketing system of cooperation and compensation that exists amongst realtors, such that the properties of one realtor are exposed to the robust market pool of all others for more efficient transactions. MLS […]

How To Add Value to Your Property

HOW TO ADD VALUE TO YOUR PROPERTY BEFORE SELLING     Adding value to your property before putting it on the market may increase your return. If you add some more value to your property before selling, it becomes more appealing to buyers who will be willing to pay more. You just have to be cautious not […]

Buying A House

A GUIDE TO BUYING A HOUSE   The real estate environment is quite a tricky one; even the experienced personnel have regrets at times, making costly mistakes and losing money. Even though you must work with these professionals (realtor, solicitor, surveyor, etc.) who will guide you, it is till ideal that you understand a bit […]

Buy Your Dream Home

How to Buy Your Dream Home   One of the few major decisions you would have to make, apart from deciding on which car to purchase or whether to take that job thousands of miles away from home, is buying a house. While you might have had dreams of the kind of house to get, […]

First Time Home Buyers Beware

First Time Home Buyer Beware; Common Pitfalls to Avoid   Are you a first time home buyer? You must be pretty excited about this. It’s an opportunity for you to own a house of your own, and probably start life anew and on a clean slate with your family. There are quite some things you’d […]

Tips on buying a foreclosure

Individuals looking to purchase a house or a property may be lured in by the price tag placed on a foreclosure. Foreclosures are usually real estate properties that have been taken over by mortgage banks because of an individual’s inability to pay back the loans they have previously borrowed. Usually, foreclosures may sit on without […]

A Basic Guide to Conveyancing Your Property

In law, conveyancing is the transfer of legal title of property from one person to another, or the granting of an encumbrance such as a mortgage or a lien. A simple definition of conveyancing is the process by which the ownership of a home is transferred legally from the seller to the buyer. This process […]

4 tips to Help You Navigate the Home Buying Process

While must buyers expect to live in their home an average of 14 years, the typical tenure is close to nine years. That means the average buyer will go through the process of buying a home about once a decade. the real estate market is always changing the process of buying a home has evolved […]

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling Kitchen rеmоdеling imрrоvеmеntѕ саn рrоvidе a ѕignifiсаnt bооѕt in imрrоving bоth уоur living ѕрасе as wеll as thе vаluе оf уоur hоmе. It can often mаkе уоur hоmе more еnеrgу еffiсiеnt whilе mаking it more соmfоrtаblе аnd аttrасtivе. Mаnу folks plan rеmоdеling projects fоr  thеir homes tо raise the соmfоrt level but it […]

13322 W Jesse Red DR, Peoria, AZ 85383

Amazing home for sale in the community of Vistancia Peoria 85383 You’ll love this amazing 2-story home at 13322 W Jesse Red Dr, Peoria, AZ 85383 in Vistancia Peoria 85383.  Features a 4 bedrooms, office (could be 5th bedroom) and loft 3 bathrooms and den. In a gated community. The home was built by Meritage Homes, […]

New home builds in Vistancia 85383

There has been a lot of new home construction in Vistancia since the first of the year. There are 9 new homes builders here is a list of them.   Ashton Woods David Weekley Homes Gehan Homes Mattamy Homes Meritage Homes Ryland Homes Shea Homes Toll Brothers Woodside Homes This year, Vistancia was voted the […]

Why You Need A Professional Realtor

Why You Need A Professional Realtor Purchasing or selling a home is a major financial transaction. A buyer or seller may save the commission rates that a Realtor charges by undertaking this process alone. However, the service of a professional Realtor is necessary in achieving a successful transaction. A professional Realtor will guide a buyer […]

How to Get the Best Mortgage loan

A mortgage is a loan secured by individuals for the purchase of real estate. It can also be used by real property owners to raise funds for other purposes using their properties as collaterals. Mortgage loans can be obtained from financial institutions such as banks, thrift institutions and credit union. The borrower reclaims the property […]

Why I Work By Referral

Relationships are more important than transactions You may have noticed that many real estate agents take a transactional approach to sales – identifying clients, closing and then moving on to the next one. I choose not to work that way because I believe you deserve more from the professional you decide to work with. That’s […]

Pathway to Purchase Loan Program

Pathway to Purchase Down Payment Assistance The Arizona Department of Housing (ADOH), acting jointly with the Arizona Home Foreclosure Prevention Funding Corporation (AHFPFC) and the Arizona Housing Finance Authority (AzHFA), to provide down payment assistance to qualified homebuyers purchasing a primary residence in 17 targeted municipalities in Arizona.  The assistance is an incentive to purchase […]

Why Now Is The Time To Buy A Home

Now is the time to buy your home in Arizona. Interest rates are still really low. All indicators show that housing prices will continue to clime upward. The rising rent  is still on the rise. For what your paying for rent you could get into your own home. Here are just a couple of reasons […]

What You Need To Know As First Time Home Buyer

First time home buyer Buying a home may not be as simple as it seems. The process may be exciting as well as stressful such that you may decide to purchase the first property that falls within your price range. To avoid any pitfalls and obtain the utmost value from the purchase of a home, […]

Thieves Household Cleaner

Thieves household cleaner makes a great house warming gift for any new buyer. A clean, beautiful home invites family and friends to come together. But when your cleaning leaves a strong, chemical scent, others might not want to gather. Create a welcoming home that’s safe for everyone with the fresh and inviting scent of Thieves® […]

How To Find Property Managers

When it comes to hiring property managers, doing your homework is essential. You want someone with strong organizational skills. You want someone who can stay focused. You certainly want someone who brings plenty of experience to the table. It should also go without saying that you are going to want to find someone you can […]

Glendale Chamber of Commerce

Top Property Shop is excited to announce we have joined the Glendale Chamber of Commerce. We are looking forward in doing business with the great business’s in Glendale and helping the other business to grow. Here’s our link to our page or the Chambers website http://chamberorganizer.com/glendalechamber/mem_toppropertyshop?HTTPS=on.

Westwing Mountain

Nestled just north of Phoenix in the growing suburban town of Peoria, Arizona is a community known as Westwing Mountain. For a better look at Westwing Mountain, take a look at these little details about the community and why it’s a desirable neighborhood for families in the area. Location: Peoria, Arizona is located 22 miles […]


Looking to purchase a well-built home in the suburbs of Phoenix? You may want to look at the homes for sale in a master-planned community in Peoria, Arizona named Vistancia. To give you a better idea of why Vistancia is such as desirable location, here’s a little information about this family-friendly community. Location: Vistancia is […]

Arrowhead Ranch

There are many different subdivisions tucked in the suburbs of Phoenix which offer everything many families in the area are looking for. One of these particular desirable suburban communities is one located in Glendale, Arizona by the name of Arrowhead Ranch. If you’re looking to buy a new home just north of Phoenix, take a […]

Arrowhead Lakes

Looking to buy a family-friendly waterfront home in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona? You may want to begin by looking at the homes for sale in the Arrowhead Lakes subdivision in Glendale. This master planned community features homes that have both mountain and lake views. Here’s a look at what makes this subdivision such as […]

10 Myths About Reverse Mortgages

Myth #1: The lender or government will own your home. False – You, your family and/or your estate continue to retain ownership of your home. The lender’s interest is limited to the outstanding balance of as a lien on title. Myth #2: The reverse mortgage requires that I make monthly payments. False – There are […]

Relocating To Peoria AZ?

Peoria Arizona, which covers 162 square miles, prides itself on its quality of life and much of that has to do with its numerous offerings for residents and visitors. Whether it’s sailing at Lake Pleasant Regional Park, reaching for the stars at the Challenger Space Center, enjoying the latest show at the Peoria Center for […]

Four Things to Avoid During Your Purchase

Staying a Step Ahead, Do Not Change Careers: Changing careers before or during the loan process can create a real problem qualifying you for a loan, particularly if that job is in a different line of work or at a lower rate of pay. Do Not Switch Banks Or Move Money Around: It’s difficult to […]

Living in Vistancia, a Master Planned Community in Peoria AZ 85383

httpv://youtu.be/shfdrt2GiHU Have you had the opportunity to uncover the beauty and splendor of the breathtaking community of Vistancia, Peoria Arizona? With an abundance of shopping, restaurants, award winning golf courses, parks. Vistancia Peoria AZ real estate is very hot right now, there are 3  brand new home communities being built. Top notch school districts, and […]

Helping Buyers in Phoenix Get Their Dream Home in a Low-Inventory Market

As we make our way through today’s seller’s market with low inventory, we need to be prepared. There are many associations that has done research on this topic, and they have  shared their insight into what you (buyers) want and what we need to know to be able to help you. What follows are some […]

Your Phoenix Moving Checklist

  Planning for your move… PREPARING FOR YOUR PHOENIX MOVE: Previous residence Leave keys & garage openers (with your Realtor or new owners). Travel funds (cash & travelers checks), Defrost freezer, and clean refrigerator. Prepare pet transportation and Personally transport valuables & jewelry ADDRESS CHANGES: 2-3 weeks prior to moving day. Notify friends and family of […]

Agents Looking to Broaden Their Horizon With New Opportunities

Top Property Shop is Hiring… httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gXyc_CXPC0&feature=share&list=UUKwdvy34oC_QOsTkza6q0_w Are you a dedicated hard working professional with aspirations of growth and prosperity? Are you getting the very best tools and information to assist you to grow your business and client base?  Are you using Technology efficiently and effectively to market and attract consumers?  Are you feeling a little […]

A Guide to Help Make Your BIG Move Easier.

What to accomplish one month prior to your moving date: Let everyone who’s anyone know that you’re moving. This entails sending out the “I’m Moving” notices. These cards should provide your new mailing address and contact information. Send these to friends, family, doctors, magazines subscriptions, insurance companies, banks, and credit card companies. (Obtain the change […]

Phoenix Arizona Closing Cost Guide

The SELLER can generally  expect to pay for:   •     Owner’s title insurance premiums •     Real estate commission •     1/2 of the escrow fee (except VA)* •     Any loan fees required by buyer’s lender (according to contract) •     Payoff of all loans •     Interest accrued to lender being paid off, statement fees, re-conveyance fees and […]

Phoenix Home Buyers, 5% Grant with Home in 5 Advantage Program

Great News for Home Buyers in Maricopa County Arizona, housing just became more affordable for you, with the Home in 5 program. This is a grant program that provides the down payment assistance to low and moderate income to individuals and families purchasing a home. Home buyers like yourself can receive 5% (6% to a […]

Welcome to Top Property Shop

httpv://youtu.be/w0SyZkSvYPM Hi I’m Michael Carsey welcome to Top Property Shop. Top Property Shop is a full-service Arizona Real Estate Brokerage. We service the entire Phoenix Arizona metro area, from Gilbert to Goodyear. We are a high tech company with high touch. Our services that we provide are for: Buyers Sellers Property Management Apartment Locating Tenants […]

3 Ways To decide If You Should Buy A Home (That Don’t Involve Money)

While money can decide what you can afford when it comes to owing a home, there are many other motivators and drivers of a real estate decision. Here are the top 3.   1. Family When considering if you should buy a new home, family is usually the number one factor. Maybe you’re just starting […]

Getting Your House Ready to Sell in Glendale Arizona

Introduction – Emotion vs. Reason When conversing with real estate agents, you will often find that when they talk to you about buying real estate, they will refer to your purchase as a “home.” Yet if you are selling property, they will often refer to it as a “house.” There is a reason for this. […]