Needs a Buyer’s Agent

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Why You Need a Buyer’s Agent:

Anyone that is planning to purchase a house or investment property needs a Buyer’s Agent. A great percentage of people, both property investors, and buyers alike believe that the best people to go to when in a search for a property is the listing agents. Unfortunately, this is not true as the listing agents work on the behalf of the seller, with a view of selling his house at the highest possible price. Here are some of the reasons why you would need a buyer’s agent when you intend purchasing a property:

  • The buyer’s agent has your interest at heart: The buyer’s agent has your interest at heart and doesn’t care about what price the seller would be selling. His job is to get you a property befitting your expectations and at the lowest price possible.
  • Buyer’s agents are more experienced: Due to the large number of deals the buyer’s agents have closed in a year, they have gained a lot of experience and knowledge of how the market works. When you hire them, they typically bring a plethora of experience to the table so as to ensure they get you something above your expectations.
  • They help you make decisions: When making a decision on the property to buy, some essentials need to be looked at. These include how old the building is, the location of the building, its resale value, and proximity to important landmarks. The buyer’s agent has a lot of experience in these areas and can help you make a choice of a suitable real estate property.
  • Ability to determine the market value of investments: You might be tempted to make an offer without the help of a listing agent or a buyer’s agent. It could be for your dream house, and you know how important it is. Making a low offer could make you lose the property. On the other hand, making a quite high offer would tell on your pockets. With an expert buyer’s agent, you are sure to make an offer that would not be too low or too high.
  • Holds your hand along the way during the home inspection and helps you spot out gray areas: A listing agent, as earlier said before, works on the behest of the seller. He might not point out all the gray areas you need to know when inspecting your potential home. On the other hand, a Buyer’s agent works for you and would ensure that all sections needing repairs in the house are pointed out.

The bottom line: The buyer’s agent should be your go-to person when you are ready to get a real estate property. The advantages of a buyer’s agent over a listing agent are numerous. With a buyer’s agent, you are sure of getting a house in superb condition, at a fair price, and with the right terms.

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