Selling Home Questions

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Selling Home Questions can be answered by talking to a Real Estate Professional. As a home seller, you may not know all the tricks of the trade when arranging to put your house on the market, not even when you have successfully put up a couple of homes for sale in the past unless you are a professional in the business. It is pertinent that you ask some questions and get the right answers before embarking on your plan. Also, asking the right person like a realtor will only be in your best interest. The real estate sector is indeed a dicey one, and you can get your fingers burnt if you aren’t well guided. So, without much ado, here are the appropriate questions to ask your realtor to keep you informed and give you the required confidence.

  1. When Should I Put My Home On The Market? This question should be vital if you are seeking for how to get the most profit from the transaction, perhaps your motive is purely business. The question has no direct answer as it depends on the experience, style, and contacts of your realtor. Again various real estate markets are different and vary in trends.
  2. What Is The State Of The Market Presently? A question like this is one that crosses certain technical lines. The situation of things in the local real estate market can be illustrated by an indicator such as the “Market Absorption Rates”, which describes the efficiency of the market regarding the number of completed transactions and the average price of deals for the given period. Another parameter is the “Days On Market”, that portrays how fast houses sell when listed or how long houses linger on the listing without being purchased.
  3. How Best Do I Prepare My Home For Sale? The wise home sellers do not hesitate to make this inquiry. You ought to bring your home to its best and its greatest appeal to optimize its value to possible buyers. It will involve all sort of renovations; painting, repairs, replacements, cleaning, etc. You do this to give yourself the advantage and not to be on the defensive during negotiations.
  4. What Is The True Worth Of My Property? Getting this actual value can only be done by an evaluator or experienced realtor. It is always good you have this figure so that you can start making preparations to position yourself in the driving seat of the negotiation ahead of time. When you refurbish your house, you are upgrading on this value and reaching out for maximum profitability.
  5. What Methods Do You Use To Evaluate My House? There is quite a number of them, the “CMA” or “Comparative Market Analysis” is an extensive analysis of similar properties that have been sold within the last one year. It entails the market situation of the particular neighborhood, and many properties of the other characteristics (size, the number of rooms and toilets, roof condition, location, etc.) of the building.
  6. Why Hasn’t My House Sold Till Now? The Home sellers who find it difficult to liquidate their properties are the ones concerned here. The price being higher than its real value is one reason. Other causes include unsecured location, your lack of negotiating skills, the absence of your house looking appealing, and a poor marketing effort by your realtor.
  7. How Should I Prepare My Property For Showing? When potential buyers come around for inspection, everything ought to be “perfect”. Remember that you face stiff competition from other home sellers. So you must keep the whole place clean, de-cluttered, and free of bad odors. Trim the lawns and flowers, and do every other thing that ought to be done.

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