Helping Discouraged Buyers Stay on Track While Buying Their Home

Glendale AZ Real Estate Company

Stay on track in the hot phoenix real estate market

Here are some ways we will keep you in the game while demand is outpacing supply?

Get pre-approved: For starters, get pre-approved before looking at houses. This is a crucial, perhaps more than ever, because of the tight time frames homes are selling in. We encourage you to gather documentation you will need to submit for a pre-approval, and we can connect you with our in house lender. And then-only after this key step is completed-we can start looking at properties.

Don’t Waste Any Time: If you find a home that fits your needs, we will won’t to get you in within 24 to 48 hours to view it. If you see a home that you love be prepared to write an offer on the spot. Here is a little saying I like; “The home you see today, but want to think about tonight will be sold today  to the family that saw it yesterday and thought about it last night!”

Write Strong Offers: Some buyers think they can still get away with making lowball offers, we are here to tell you those offers are not getting accepted. With the return of bidding wars and multiply offers, you must be ready to present your highest and best offer. If you can put down a larger earnest deposit or a larger down payment, this will increase your odds of beating out the competition.

Keep Expectations Realistic: If your bound to a restrictive price range, we won’t let you fall into the trap of reaching beyond your means, no matter how much you like to get into a home. Keep your expectations realistic, and we will advice you to walk away if this transaction simply doesn’t work for you.

Whether it’s a traditional resale or a new home, our knowledge, market expertise and proactive approach we can deliver exactly what your looking for-even in a hot seller’s market in Phoenix. Above ALL, stay positive. Our Agents at our Glendale AZ Real Estate Company are here to help you