Tips For Selling Your Glendale AZ Home

When you are considering selling your home in Arizona, and you know there is an issue with the property, the best thing to do is correct the problem before prospective buyers take a tour. When your ready start interviewing at least three different Real Estate Brokerages. A couple of things to ask during the interview is. (putting it on the MLS is not enough now)

  1. Do you use video?
  2. Will you write a blog about our home?
  3. Will our home have its own single page website?

A good real estate agent can advise you on pricing your home right and presenting it well. Please listen to the professional and price your home right, (don’t trust Zillow or Trulia) if it sits on the market to long buyers will start thinking there is something wrong with your house, and it will cost you more in the long run. Some of the basics are

  1. The home should be kept neat and clean inside.
  2. Make sure the yard is picked up and maintained, curb appeal is the first impression.
  3. Put the kid’s toys away
  4. Remove some of your personal items

A buyer makes their decision to buy or not to buy within the first few minutes of arriving at the house. Make it smell clean, when buyers smell strange smells they subconsciously think the home is not clean or has not been maintained properly. And start asking themselves  “can I get that smell out?”  Presentation is everything., never put your house on the market until its 100% ready to go. Top Property Shop has trained professional  to help guide you through process of listing your home pricing it right and marketing, all to make selling your home a smooth process.


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