Have A Garage Sale Before You Move

In preparation of the sale…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              garage-sale

•     Find out if your neighborhood requires a permit or has any restrictions regarding yard sales.

•     Plan to sell anything you have not used for a while or that you may never use again.

•     Always choose the most popular days to have a sale…Thursdays through Saturdays and never on a holiday weekend.

•     Advertise in your local newspaper.

•     Include friends and neighbors to join in with you.

•     Be sure to price everything. Depending on the item’s condition, normal pricing is 10-50% of item’s original value.

•     Permanent markers and removable adhesive labels work best for pricing, but also check in the print stores, sometimes they sell “pre-printed” labels in various denominations specifically designed for yard sales.

•     If you price items in increments of 25 cents, it will be easier when making change.

•     Make legible, bold signs, at least 24” x 24”, for permissible street corners.

•     Using colorful balloons and arrows on your signs pointing to your sale are very helpful.


Setting Up Your Area:

•     Your area should look neat and inviting.

•     Clean dirty items…they’ll bring a better price.

•     Display your items in categories. Place kitchen items together, clothing together, books and games together, etc.

•     Keep expensive and smaller items close to you in view.

•     Be sure to have an electrical outlet for customers to test your appliances for sale.

•     Make sure you cover or remove items you don’t wish to sell if they are in your yard or garage.


On the Day of Your Sale:

•     Have at least $20.00 worth of change and $1 bills.

•     Wear a fanny pack or carpenter’s apron to keep your money.

•     Best to only accept cash unless you know the person.

•     Have plenty of bags available, plus old newspapers for packing breakable items.

•     Use caution when allowing strangers into your house.

•     Post a sign “All Sales Are Final” to avoid problems after your sale.


List of “Best Things to Sell” in a Garage/Yard  Sale

•     Toys, Books, Games

•     Children’s clothing and furniture

•     Small electronic appliances

•     Kitchenware

•     Sporting and camping gear

•     Furniture

•     All items a student may need when going off to college

•     Costume jewelry

•     Tools and yard equipment

•     Knick-Knacks

•     Antiques & Collectibles (are you sure you want to sell these???)