The meaning of “Broom Cleaned”

Broom clean is a real-estate term used to describe the condition in which  a renter must leave a home.

The rules for vacating a rental are quite strict: Broom clean means you should leave the place in the same condition as when you moved in, minus reasonable wear and tear. So once you’ve removed your belongings, have the carpets professional cleaned, and break out a broom, Swiffer, or other cleaning weapon of choice and go to town.

The Importance of Running Background Checks on Potential Tenants

You should do your utmost to find out everything there is to know about your prospective renter. Conducting background checks on your potential tenant allows you to assess whether they can keep your property in excellent condition, pay rent on time, and not cause trouble.

Renters Insurance

The good news is that renters insurance policies usually include coverage for the contents of your home — described in most policies as personal property coverage. This coverage typically helps protect belongings from certain risks, such as fire or theft. When considering renters insurance, the first thing to think about is how much your personal […]

Home Mortgage Shopping Must-Do’s

Home Mortgage Shopping Must-Do’s Mortgage Shopping Must-Do’s will help ease the search in securing the right house with the right mortgage loan. Mortgages are financial programs that give us the leverage of money and time to achieve in the now what would have been only possible in the future. Those who have dreams (to own […]

Sell Fast, Avoid Foreclosure

 HOW TO SELL YOUR HOUSE FAST AND AVOID FORECLOSURE Sell Fast, Avoid Foreclosure. This should be every seller’s mindset when determining whether or not to put their property on the market. Foreclosure is the legal process that retrieves the right of a mortgagee to make further redemption on his mortgage due to failure on his […]

Needs a Buyer’s Agent

Why You Need a Buyer’s Agent: Anyone that is planning to purchase a house or investment property needs a Buyer’s Agent. A great percentage of people, both property investors, and buyers alike believe that the best people to go to when in a search for a property is the listing agents. Unfortunately, this is not […]

Selling Home Questions

  QUESTIONS TO ASK WHEN SELLING A HOME Selling Home Questions can be answered by talking to a Real Estate Professional. As a home seller, you may not know all the tricks of the trade when arranging to put your house on the market, not even when you have successfully put up a couple of […]

MLS Benefits

MLS AND ITS BENEFITS TO HOME BUYERS MLS is the acronym for a real estate body called Multiple Listing Service. It is a marketing system of cooperation and compensation that exists amongst realtors, such that the properties of one realtor are exposed to the robust market pool of all others for more efficient transactions. MLS […]

How To Add Value to Your Property

HOW TO ADD VALUE TO YOUR PROPERTY BEFORE SELLING     Adding value to your property before putting it on the market may increase your return. If you add some more value to your property before selling, it becomes more appealing to buyers who will be willing to pay more. You just have to be cautious not […]

Buying A House

A GUIDE TO BUYING A HOUSE   The real estate environment is quite a tricky one; even the experienced personnel have regrets at times, making costly mistakes and losing money. Even though you must work with these professionals (realtor, solicitor, surveyor, etc.) who will guide you, it is till ideal that you understand a bit […]